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piston compressor


screw compressor

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Engineering plants

Central vacuum cleaners for collecting and sifting vaste dust in mills, cement plants, equipment for micronization and separation, brick industry, chemical industry and similar. Suction capacity from 1 to 10 t/h.

 pneumatic pipe transportation low concentration

System low-pressure compressor dozer for transportation of various grain and powder materials to small and middle distances up to 150 m capacities from 2 25 t/h and overpressure up to 1 bar(s)

 pneumatic pipe transportation average density concentration

System pneumatic vessel average pressure compressor. Discontinued transportation with material loading and discharging phase. Mainly powders (cement, chalk, alumina clay, electrofiltering ash, detergent raw materials, rock flour, ground coffee, salt, sugar, etc) are transported. Transporting lengths up to 500 m, and capacities of 5 200 t/h.

 pneumatic pipe transportation dense concentration

System pneumatic vessel with bottom discharge high pressure compressor. Low speed (low air volume) and high pressure transport. Special systems for transportation of highly abrasive materials (quartz sand, Alu glinica, etc.) Transporting capacity of 5 100 t/h to 200 m distances.

 Ejetor pneumatic transportation suction discharge transport for low concentrations

Used for transport of explosive mixtures, high temperature materials and at hard access places. Transporting capacity up to 7 t/h and transporting distance of 80 m.

plants for industrial dust removal

High output cyclone separators (cyclone batteries and multi cyclone)

Bag filters of the newest generation with pneumatic shaking out of filter bags and automatic filter operation programmer; all other accessories (air stop, worm dozer, pipe installation, regulator valve and vacuum equipment).

plants for production of dry mixtures

Equipment for reception and preparation of raw material and additives, equipment for production of mixtures, packing and storing equipment for finished product. 

WHAT ARE CHARACTERISTIC FEATURES of devices and plants of UNITEH pneumatic series?

- fast and efficient transport of dry materials

- economical clean dustless operation

- risk free operation

- automatic operation control

- optimum choice of equipment

- easy maintenance

- sure service

OUR SERVICES include: transportation feasibility study, consulting services, designing, engineering, equipment production, project management, installation (assembly), commissioning, technical support and field sevicing.

UNITEH offers modern plants guided only by the wish to serve its customers in the best possible way.