U N I T E H a.d.  Smederevo, Serbia and Montenegro




            - UNITEH a..d. has its headquarters in Smederevo, 17 \ure Salaja Street.

            - The company is owned by UNIVERZAL, Belgrade, 35 Majke Jevrosime Street.

            History - development

              1977.            The Joint Venture Agreement between three partners:

                      1. Atlas Copco AB Nacka (with Atlas Copco AB Airpower)

                       2. “Fagram” with its BOAL Fabrika ma{ina and

                      3. “Univerzal” with its BOAL Intercopco - Foundations for future company were     laid down

              1978.     Foundation – Foundation Act, legaly founded company

                            Work organization for production of compressors “Fabrika kompresora”

              1982.     Construction of the Company. Construction period finished.     

                            Serial production of compressors started.

              1986.     Preparations for introduction of new screw compressors range.

              1987.     Signing of a new contract - Ammandment to the Joint Venture Agreement,              introduction and production start of screw compressors.

              1991.   Change of status - Organization of the Company as a share holding company  Atlas   Copco Jugoslavija Inc. Ltd. Production programme expansion. In addition to        production of compressors, overhaul and servicing, as basic programme, the Company becomes a sales organization, too selling at the same time Atlas Copco products (mining machines and equipment, industrial technique etc.) -from that moment the Company goes into the market as a share holding Atlas Copco Jugoslavija Inc. Ltd.

               In June ‘97. the Company Atlas Copco Jugoslavija Inc. d.d. undergoes a new ownership transformation: it is split into Atlas Copco AD and UNITEH d.d. company for production of compressors and equipment, owned by Univerzal.

 Compressors and equipment plant is a modern structure, modelled after similar factories around the world and it is the leading compressor manufacturer in Balcan.

            Manufacturing and business area, with all necessary infrastructure and auxiliary objects, incorporates around 20 thousand square meters of space. Specialists – constructors and designers, as well as experienced production workforce, are able today to offer the best solutions to all users of a wide range of piston and screw compressors – portable and stationary.

            Productivity, efficient use of resources, high quality and design of products at UNITEH, compressor and equipment factory in Smederevo are today at world level. This is confirmed by 10000 compressors produced.

            Our compressors are in operation in:

the USA, China, Germany, Russia, C, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Algiers, Libia, Peru…

Piston and screw compressors are produced at UNITEH in Smederevo upon methods and in cooperation with leading world compressor producers. High level technology in production which is adopted and applied at Compressor factory is based on long-time production experience and it meets the highest world standards in application of compressed air at users worldwide.

Before delivery, every machine has to be tested and is accompanied with its own test certificate.

Our obligation as producers of compressors is, among other things, to give technical support to our users and to find solutions to all problems regarding compressed air application.

This includes giving assistance from the choice of capacity and pressure until making complete project and performing all compressed air installations after “key on hands” principle.

In this way we can guarantee that all elements of a compressor plant, from the smallest filter to the biggest compressor  will work reliably and efficiently.

Also, it is our obligation towards you to keep the guaranteed quality unchanged during the whole working life of the equipment. Specially trained service mechanics and our service engineers take care that your equipment works at requested performance level and waiting time is kept at absolute minimum.

This is the way in which UNITEH Yugoslavia gives a full answer to any request regarding choice of equipment, production and application of compressed air.

Highest achievements in compressed air technology.